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Car Insurance Due?

Looking for quotes for cheap monthly car insurance with no deposit? Want the very cheapest insurance for your car, with no down payment? Need to insure now but pay later?

Some motorists can get insured without paying out anything at all in advance, but most will have to pay at least a small sum. This could be as little as 1/12 of the total premium, with the balance paid over 12 months.

By clicking on the 'get low deposit quotes' button above, you can obtain quotations from multiple insurers, all of whom are happy to offer extended payments; some with very low advance payments.

How do I get car insurance without having to pay out any deposit at all?

If you have an existing policy with a reputable insurance company, and are happy to renew your policy, they may well be prepared to let you make monthly repayments. So, if you find it difficult, or do not wish, to pay for the full 12 month in advance, phone them up, explain your situation and since they will not want to lose you as a customer they may be happy to let you pay your premium on a month to month basis. There will probably be an interest charge for this.

If you shop around for the lowest possible price and move to a new insurer, you might save a lot of money by finding a much cheaper premium but you will almost certainly have to make at least a small advance payment.

Does it cost more to pay monthly?

It is cheaper to buy your car insurance by paying in advance for 12 months. If you pay monthly you will have administration or interest charges on top of your premium; these could depend upon your own credit rating for an average charge in 2018, was about 12% of the initial premium.

This however is not the only drawback to easy payments. Many of the lowest cost insurers will not accept month-to-month payments; this would mean that not only would you have to pay more for your policy, but you would not be able to take advantage of the bargain rates offered by these more economical insurers.

Can I get monthly car insurance without paying interest?

Some insurers have no – interest offers from time to time. However, these companies are not always the ones that offer the best deals. An advantage of shopping around on our comparison site is that you can compare these special offers. Often companies which do make finance charges can still offer a cheaper premium total premium than those that make these reduced prices. Remember to that next year, when the premium comes up for renewal, the now – interest arrangement will no longer apply and you could find that your premium increases considerably.

Can I get pay monthly insurance with bad credit?

Probably. You may have to pay more in finance charges however. Why not compare quotes now and find out for certain?

How much deposit will I have to pay for monthly car insurance?

Most insurers ask for around 20% of the full premium in advance. Some however ask for as little as 8.5%. To find the lowest one from our panel of insurers. Just click the quotation button.

Can I pay the car insurance over 12 months?

Yes a number of insurers will allow this. Some will insist on shorter terms. This is the advantage in comparing multiple quotations from companies offer so – called 'no deposit' policies; you can compare all the offers, not only the amount of deposit necessary, but also the length of the time you are given to pay the balance the premium, and the total sum that it will cost you.

Will I still get a no claims bonus?

A monthly paid policy is exactly the same as a yearly paid one; you will get same benefits and the same entitlement to a no claims discount on future premiums.